Building works and 3 stays at the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport

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The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport is having a new front entrance installed and the temporary entrance is between the parking garage and the hotel on the North side of the property. The shuttles are stopping between the temporary entrance and the road – the stop is clearly marked but don’t wait outside the temporary entrance or you may miss the bus. (I am told this is supposed to last three months.)

I had three stays over about a 10 day period at the hotel. Different days of the week, different rates and the property had a wide range of occupancy.

As many have noticed I prefer the outside the rooms, rather than the ones facing the atrium. (I never seem to be able to get the atrium view rooms cool enough for some reason.)

I have written reviews of the property before, as have many, so I just wanted to share some bullet points for you.

  • I usually contact the property in advance to see if they can book a room with an outside view. This worked fine on each of my three stays. Sometimes, the agent was unable to offer me a room on the Regency Club floor, but gave me clear choices. This let me make a decision on which room I would prefer. I ended up with rooms on the 7th/8th/9th floor.
  • In the past the property had been willing to give upgrades to their Executive Suites when an outside room was not available on Regency Club. This was a lovely treat but not something I came to expect. On one of the three stays it did happen and I was delighted to have a nice refreshed suite for one night.
  • The Regency Club here has got busy! Not sure whether it was the various events at the hotel, but it was sometimes hard to get a seat. The range of food is as good as always, and they seem to start laying it out from 5pm, rather than from the advertised 5.30pm time.
  • The automatic door opener on the inside of the Regency Club door is broken – press the button to the left.

These are images of the suite I referred to above:

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The only thing really missing is the desks which used to be in these rooms. With WiFi of course, the tall table above worked fine as a desk.

The airport had one of its runways closed during my stays and so there was a cavalcade of planes queuing for take-off visible from the rooms I received.

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These are shots of the standard rooms I received:

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So, in summary, 3 good stays at my favourite property at SFO.