Merry Christmas and congrats to the TSA on its latest victory on the war against … cupcakes

From Las Vegas International Airport – long time source of frustration from travellers, comes the latest victory in the US Transportation Security Administration’s efforts to prevent another 9/11 style attack. There have been numerous reports of excessive searching, extension of the TSA mission to train stations, and abuse of the travelling public over the last year.

Few come as well timed for the post-Turkey chat around the dinner table as this one from the UK’s Daily Mail.

The woman was flying home and was not allowed to take a cupcake through to the plane as the icing (frosting) could be considered a gel and therefore not allowed.  It appears that earlier in the week the same passenger had taken two cupcakes through Boston Logan airport without incident. The TSA representative at LAS however explained that this was because Logan TSA wasn’t doing its job.

A TSA official, as they always do, says they are reviewing the incident and that passengers are allowed to take cakes through security.

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