Royal Jordanian, Amman to Cairo, Business Class

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I had never flown Royal Jordanian before, and I was a little excited as the driver pulled up at the airport. There is a separate entrance for Business Class passengers and it has the feel of a First Class check-in. I could not pre-print my boarding pass, but the agent behind the desk took only a moment to do so and then asked if I had planned to check a bag. The RJ web site indicated that on their smaller plane only one bag was allowed, but I was delighted when nothing was said about having two.

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The exit from the check-in area leads to a Business Class Immigration and Security point which was empty at 6am.

The airport is relatively small, with a large central section full of shops and then wings where the gates actually live. The RJ lounge is on the mezzanine above the shops and is a curious shape, but affords lots of different sitting areas.

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The lounge was also quiet but I was struck by how awful the food selection was. I had not had breakfast at the Hyatt, preferring sleep, with my early departure.

Most of the food looked as if it had been there from the previous day. Everything was self service.

I did have a wander around and realised it had a decent number of seats:

It came time for my flight and I went back down to the shops in the lift and took a short walk to the gate.

The feature of the airport are the high vaulted ceilings and large windows, making it feel light, airy and very modern.

At boarding time there was priority boarding for Business Class. In a 1-2 seating arrangement, there was plenty of room for my bag above the 2 seat side. I took my 1A seat and enjoyed the excellent leg room.

The lounger chairs were pretty comfortable for the just over 2 hour flight.

They served a continental breakfast, where they warmed the pastries and it tasted excellent:

There were some good views from my window flying over the desert:

It was soon time to start down to Cairo and flew partially over the city:

Terminal 1 at Cairo has not jet bridges attached to the terminal and we were taken off on buses. There was a special Business Class bus:

We were not taken to the main part of the terminal but rather to an arrivals satellite building. At the connection desk I was asked to wait and a van was called to transfer me. The driver, the first of many, asked for a tip for the trip. $2 well spent I suppose.

A lovely, if short, first flight with RJ. I am flying Amman to Doha with them next month and am now really looking forward to it.