You know you’re paying ‘Airport Prices’ when… part 2

My original post generated some great examples of excessive prices in airport.

I myself found this beauty in Miami this week.

I found I had packed one pair of socks short and thought I’d nip in to the handy mens stores near the Admirals Club at the 30 gates.

One pair of socks – $14 plus taxes.



  1. MIA actually does not allow vendors to sell items at a mark-up. It’s in the lease contract.

    That’s a premium brand of socks, and you’ll notice they go for the same on its website.

  2. I understand the points that the commentors are making about a premium brand of socks and about the cost to make socks yourself.
    But, um, I’m pretty sure my feet are happy with the Walmart brand socks that I use, and that if I were in the blogger’s shoes (pun intended), I’m pretty sure there’d be a rinse-socks-in-the-bathroom-sink exercise sometime on that trip.

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