You know you’re paying ‘Airport Prices’ when …..

Stuck, as I was yesterday in LA, I decide to buy some replacement batteries for my noise reducing headphones. I need 2 AAA batteries.

The shop in Terminal 7 @ LAX wanted – $7.49 plus taxes. (To be fair this was for a pack of 4).


Talk about paying prices for just being able to buy at the airport.

Do you have examples of #AirportPrices?


  1. Prices are quite OK.
    Here in Belgium a 4-pack of AAA batteries in the supermarket would cost you 6.85€ -> 9.35$
    So yeah… Don’t know the local cost of the batteries though.

    An example of Airport Prices: drinks… When a small bottle of water costs 3€.

  2. you’re not using rechargeable NiMH? Paying for disposable batteries is throwing away money!

  3. DIMA— SAME IN ATHENS — in NY can buy at pharmacy 16 pk for 9.99 and if shop around can pay much less –this is for a Duracell in Athens it is store brands –I go to states with empty suitcases return loaded

  4. I was flying somewhere a few years back and was starting to feel under the weather. I decided some AIRBORNE would help (despite the controversy-they are still vitamins). It was $10.00! The man in front of me bought a pack of cigarettes for $8.50.

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