LHR T2 opens – one First but no Global First for me!

On perhaps a fittingly rainy morning, LHR T2 opened for passengers today. As I went through at round 5am, there were certainly more managers than passengers, but it all seemed to be working fine. Passengers were checking, security are doing their jobs (with huge smiles I might add), and passengers are shopping.

In a word (or two) it’s working!

Whilst I was the first person through Fast Track I am not going to get my upgrade to Global First today – been bumped by a Global Services passenger from the top spot and anyway it’s booked full.

The lounge is as long a walk from the terminal as I remember it from the United reception, but the lounge is still super. I wasn’t first in the lounge (only third), but it has great food. Hot cooked breakfast – sausage, baked beans, hash browns, bacon are all available. Cheese and cold meats, yoghurt, fruit are all there too. Best catering I ever remember United supplying.

My missed upgrade means I don’t get to see what the Global First passengers are enjoying this morning.

However, I can report, that amongst the wines available from the bar there is Champagne – a welcome return to the days of Terminal 3 when you could have some bubbly.

So, come along to T2 it is ready for the world, and if you’re flying United, you are in for a treat.


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