BA Year Ended…now with Zero Tier Points

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Last weekend saw me on a short hop to Amsterdam, primarily to finish off my BA Year. Unusually, BA ends your status run at a date related to when you joined and earned status. Hence my year ends on 7 May . I had already renewed my status some months ago, but this trip pushed over the threshold required to earn two additional upgrade certificates.

Logging in this morning showed the depressing sight of Zero Tier Points.


However, I do have a good few upgrades to cash in – either for Award tickets or paid tickets, and a good long time to use them.


My next years run doesn’t start until the end of the month, so I shall be looking at the Zero Tier Points figure for a few weeks yet.


  1. I’m suffering the same withdrawal symptoms. Too bad I can’t justify JER-AMS hops just for the sake of it…

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