Does US ‘I’ class earn anything on BA?

In September I am travelling on an AA ticket via Philadelphia to Dublin. As you can see the USAirways portion books in to ‘I’ class:
31-03-2014 13-53-36

According to the BA web site this is a non-earning fare class:
31-03-2014 13-48-55

With American this would have been correctly treated as a Business Class fare.
31-03-2014 13-56-47

Let’s hope the AA/US integration goes faster – so that US flight might magically become a points earning AA flight.


  1. Doesn’t OW credit based on marketing carrier code so long as it is all OW metal? So that should credit as AA I as expected.

    US I is an award class so natively it won’t credit.

  2. Don’t you have a US PNR since this is a codeshare? If so, what class does it indicate? I bet it maps to a creditable class, the OW accrual rules notwithstanding.

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