‘Strange’ Heathrow Express Pricing…apart from it being too high of course!

11-03-2014 06-03-43The Heathrow Express has long had prices so high they are a scandal in my view.

I looked at the ticket chart today and noticed some odd pricing for single tickets.

Basic Fare is £21 is you buy before you board.

There is a £5 penalty if you forget to get a ticket in advance and buy on board.

The Business First Class Fare – however you buy it (on board or in advance) is only £3 more than the on-board Express (2nd Class) ticket price.

Return fares clearly represent much better value.

However the Carnet – even if you buy it on board – is (relatively) amazing value for 12 trips. £15.75 in Express Class or £21.75 in Business First.

So, if you plan to take six roundtrips in a year, look at the Carnet for a discount of 25%.


  1. Good tip, thanks !

    Can you use the Carnet for other passengers accompanying you, or is it just for the original purchaser ?

  2. @Mick – a Good question. The web site doesn’t say! You can get 1/3rd off when 3 adults travel together in Standard and that might be a better deal. This deal must be booked online.

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