Turkish Airlines Lounge, Istanbul

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A lot of travel bloggers have written about the TK Istanbul lounge in glowing terms. I had the chance to visit on my recent Johannesburg, via Istanbul to Zurich trip.

The lounge is huge with lots of different areas and many, many food offering and drink locations.

There is TV wall:

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A more formal dining location:

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A warm sandwich and snack location:

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And of course some spectacular architecture:

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I have to say however, two things let it down in my view. It’s PACKED first thing in the morning as so many people are connecting and finding a seat was very hard. And the toilets are a disgrace – a 10-15 minute wait was common whilst I was there. So whilst a superb place to while away your connecting time, it does have some flaws.



  1. what = ‘first thing in the morning’ for the packed conditions? we’re going to visit at around 7-10am on a wednesday in april

  2. I landed at 5am and left at 8am, so you may find it busy when you arrive and then thinning out as connections leave. Enjoy it. Look around the back for more seating areas.

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