OneWorld Lounge, Zurich Airport

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I was travelling back recently from Zurich with British Airways and so got to use the OneWorld lounge at Zurich. At an airport dominated by Swiss, a Star Alliance member, it was interesting to see OneWorld.

Oddly the OneWorld and Skyteam lounges share a common entry point and kitchens, but operate through different doors.

The OneWorld lounge has probably 120 seats set out in difference configs – desks, tables and chairs, sofas etc.

There were plenty of electrical sockets with multiple socket types to accommodate international travellers:

The view was of some of the airline counters and the security check points:

There was a decent wine selection, in free pour:

Hot and cold food, which changed between Breakfast and Lunch whilst I was there:

The food was pretty tasty and the lounge was never too full. I had to leave a little early to undertake the 15 minute walk to the gate, where my BA flight was already waiting for me.