TSAPre extends to non-US nationals (must be Global Entry)

I have just received an email from Global Entry telling me that the TSA has extended TSAPre to additional classes of people.

And I am one of them!

So excited !

Anyway I will post more later on but if you have GE and are a non-US national check your mailbox.


  1. They also hand it out randomly. My parents were visiting Washington DC from Scotland, and we were taking a domestic flight down to Florida. Out of the four of us travelling, my mum (who has been to the States only three times in her life) was selected by Southwest for TSAPre. At first, we couldn’t understand why she was being shipped off to a special lane – she doesn’t look that dangerous…

  2. I don’t want to ID myself, but I’m not a U.S. citizen, though a permanent resident. I’ve gotten Pre-Check literally hundreds of times. One time a TSA agent noticed that I had my passport and/or green card and denied me on that basis, but TSA has never enforced citizenship on airline elite members.

  3. It is my understanding that at least Canadian NEXUS / Global Entry holders have been PRE-eligible for quite a while already.

    Also, PRE is given out randomly to all sorts of people. My parents, who are European citizens and not even frequent flyers, got PRE on their boarding passes for domestic flights ex PHX and LAS lately.

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