BA distributing ‘Under Seat Bag’ labels at gate

On my flight back from Dublin today, the BA gate agent was circulating amongst passengers looking for anyone with two carry on items.

Passengers were then, very nicely, asked to put the smaller item under the seat and a label was added to the handle of the bag.

At boarding the crew asked people to remember to put one of their bags under the seat.

However, we the flight was not full it was not clear whether this helped, but it was new and I wanted to  warn people if they are approached at the gate.

BA at LCY Airport

BA at LCY Airport


  1. I like this new policy, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people put 2 items in the overhead bins. I doubt this will make boarding faster since FAs now have to “police” the bins and there is nothing to stop someone from taking off the tag in the jet bridge, but I like the idea of the policy.

  2. This is just BS
    if they really want to adress the issue – limit ALL carry on to only ONE item – and penalise people heavy if they insist on bringing onboard more than 1 item.

  3. I too like this new policy. BA are really promoting ‘carry on’ to try and get more people to book with them, so everyone on board has to play fair.

    It will go a long way to making boarding of busy flights that little bit smoother – providing people don’t remove the tags… when it’s a situation of FAs looking for space for someone’s bag, they can at least identify the second bag stuffed in the overhead bin and ask for it to be placed under the seat.

    BA just need to ensure this is carried out prior to boarding on all flights at all airports.

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