Hyatt, El Segundo – or LAX – Superb Service!

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Why, you might ask, is my last Hyatt stay of the year at a Hyatt Place, in the middle of nowhere, but near LAX?

The view from my room was of planes arriving at LAX (FedEx here):
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Well that will become clearer in my post tomorrow!

However, I have to say I was quietly delighted with this property. It is worth noting that it is a purpose built Hyatt Place rather than a conversion from Amerisuites and so has some modest advantages.

1. Shuttle Bus
I called the hotel a few days before I arrived to ask whether their shuttle bus runs to a schedule or is on-call. They confirmed it was on-call and advised me to phone when I had my luggage. As someone who doesn’t check a bag if I can avoid it, I called from the plane as we pulled in to the gate. A 10 minute walk from United’s Terminal 8 to the kerbside and I was ready for the bus to arrive. It took no more than 5 minutes and I was off to the property in a shuttle bus all to myself.

I have to say this efficiency set the tone for the stay. I hate waiting (for anything) and quick airport hotel shuttle buses is one of the ways to win my heart!

2. Arrival
The shuttle takes about 10-12 minutes to get to the property. I had contemplated taking the bus to the Green Line and then two stops and a ten minute walk, but am glad I did the shuttle bus. The Reception was festive, had a great waterfall and was being used by people to print boarding passes, grab a coffee or snack or simply to get together. More than any other property, this one had some buzz in Reception.

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3. Check-in
Quick and helpful – they confirmed that my 500 points had been added to my account, but offered me a soft drink from the cabinet as well. Double Dipping! This property has a number of suites so I had hoped that I might get upgraded to one of these, but there is no guarantee of this in the Gold Passport programme and when it didn’t happen I was fine.

4. Room
Not surprisingly it had the standard Hyatt Place layout – with a couple of subtle differences:

Sitting Area:
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Hanging Space:
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Bathroom – no tub but large shower:
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TV / Coffee Maker:
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The air conditioning worked well without the noisy ‘through the wall’ unit so I had a good nights sleep. The TV had a large number of HD channels for which I was grateful.

5. Breakfast
Breakfast had the usual range of items including scrambled eggs and was looked after by two members of staff who were greeting people, helping the with their options and clearing tables. All done in a friendly manner – they need some form of award as the area was very busy. I popped down for another coffee towards the end of service and noticed that things were looking a little spartan in the food options in comparison to when I arrived some hours earlier

6. Location
As I showed above I had a room on the back of the hotel and it is worth noting that the Green Line runs on an elevated track just across the road from the hotel. Not such it would generate much noise but if you are light sleeper ask for the back.

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The return shuttle should be booked, but when I called down at 11am to see if I could go at 12.30, they advised me to come down when I was ready and low-and-behold, the driver appeared and whisked me off to TBIT at LAX for my flight.

A great stay and it will now be my ‘Go To’ property at LAX.


  1. I totally agree. This is a great property convenient to LAX and the Staff are enthusiastic. I live way across town and often stay here before early morning meetings on the Westside. Parking is free at this hotel. I am a fan of Hyatt Place though I’ve only stayed in newly built ones and didn’t know about the converted ones.

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