When not flying with BA (due to weather) means no refund AND no Avios!

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This was the sight that awaited me at London City Airport a few weeks ago when fog descended on London and pretty much all of that days flights were cancelled. BA reassured us that we would be refunded, so you can imagine my surprise when I received this email at the weekend.

27-12-2013 11-33-46


I grant you that it was a non-refundable ticket but thought this was a little unfair. So, perhaps if I cannot have the cash back, I might be able to earn the Avios credit. I knew United used to allow this so I sent off the request at the weekend. This morning BA responded:

27-12-2013 11-37-25

It seems to have escaped BA that the reason I did not take the flight was that they cancelled it! In addition the ‘Refund’ is exactly £0.00.

I might have hoped BA could do better than this



  1. Interesting post. I am not even close to understanding the basis on which BA think they can do this. It is an absolute travesty – I would throw the book at them.

  2. Just call them up and speak to someone. If BA cancelled the flight, you’ll get your miles back, as long as the person you speak to understands this.

  3. “Due Diligence” takes time and effort, without compensation I might add. It is not for nothing that this airline is simply Bloody Awful.

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