Interim airport expansions plans for London announced…but don’t get excited

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The long awaited shortlist of options for the expansion of aviation in London have been announced this morning. The options are:

1. Lengthening one of the runways at Heathrow
2. An additional runway at Heathrow
3. An additional runway at Gatwick

Noticeable is that the preferred option of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, of building a new airport in the Thames Estuary is not on the shortlist, but is not fully ruled out. The so called ‘Boris Island’ option was popular with few, and one might say, too revolutionary in a time of austerity to be an option near the top of the list.

The final report will not be published after the next election, giving the politicians a way out during the actual campaign.

For any of us who have spent time circling Heathrow, any change would be welcome, and putting off a decision until after the election is just cowardice.

BBC Report Here


  1. About 40 years too late! Gatwick should have had a second runway back in the 70s. Now it will be at least 2020 before it has the obvious though there’s no guarantee the politicians won’t stop because of NIMBY southies!

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