Upgrade by the Bay – Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Arriving in the dark at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco I had a little fun when I knew better than my driver where the hotel was located. A quick trip around the block and were back at the front of the hotel. Facing a complex set of works requiring me to navigate carefully to the entrance. The next morning I saw the huge fence as well as a good range of local shops.

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The atrium of the hotel is spectacular with both a huge wall of lights and the enormous ball of twine (!) drawing your eyes up to the floors of bedrooms

Check-in was quick and the agent advised that he had a nice room for me. It was on the top floor and as very much a person won over by a great view I was hoping for something interesting.

The lifts wizzed me up

to room 1740:

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Opening the door I was met with a huge sitting room….

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Two sofas and two easy chairs and a dining table:

There was a kitchen and a beautifully appointed bedroom:

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Complete with a PC and printer:

The bathroom had a huge tub, seperate shower and wash stand

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The bedroom doors opened on to a private balcony which overlooked Market Street and had views of the Bay Bridge. Night time views were a little limited, but I could see the Cable Cars below:

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The next morning I awoke and realised that the views from the balcony were even better in the daylight:

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Along Market Street:

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I went up in the lift to the Regency Club which occupies what used to be a revolving restaurant. I had not stayed at the property for many years and so was pleased to see the new, enhanced offering. There was a reasonable amount of seating with excellent views. The usual cold offering was laid out to help yourself:

The area featured a couple of super comfy chairs:

Good views of the Ferry Building

The service was friendly and attentive and I wish I had more time to linger, or had arrived the night before a little earlier.

However, it was a super upgrade and has won my heart away from the Grand Hyatt San Francisco.

The BART was soon wisking me back to the airport from the station which is just a few steps away from the entrance.

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  1. I have stayed at Hyatt Regency San Francisco many times, but I have never stayed in a suite there. Looks nice. I like the back side of the hotel with the patio balcony nearer and looking out to the bay.

    Regency Club is especially nice on Friday with seafood.

    Very convenient location for arriving from airport by BART with stop outside the door.

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