United flying 3 class plane SFO Chicago, Spring 2014


I was looking for flights from SFO to/from Chicago when I noticed that UA is back 3 class planes flying on this route in Spring 2014. One of the reasons that I originally started flying United was the ability to fly on big planes within the US. Since the merger with Continental this has largely stopped, with the odd exception of EWR-HNL and IAH-HNL. Too many of my transcontinental flights with United are now on A320’s or some version of a 737.

So I was surprised to notice that UA appears (at least for now) to be flying three class, international configured, 777’s between San Francisco and Chicago. The flights are:

UA698 SFO-ORD 1330-1937
UA625 ORD-SFO 1915-2146

Upgrades are usually more available on these aircraft. Of course, planes are subject to change!


  1. UA has been running the 777 on this route for a few months now. I was just on it three weeks ago. I lost my upgrade on an earlier flight due to misconnect and was rebooked on this flight and the upgrade barely cleared (1K on U fare). Nonetheless it was a nice ride and I am glad a wide body is back on this route!

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