Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 – Revisited

One of the things I like about Hilton is that you can usually see what sort of upgrade they have issued if you log in to their site and check your reservation, on the day of travel.

Imagine my suprise which I used this technique and found that the Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 had not upgraded me. I have previously reported on a stay at this property and they had done a nice upgrade to an Executive Room.

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The previous report link handles the logistics of getting to the hotel from Terminal 5, about a 10-15 minute journey. There are horror stories of passengers being charged £30+ for black cab rides from Terminal 5 to the hotel as it outside of the taxi fare regulation area.

At check-in the staff explained that they had not processed the upgrade as they had no King Executive Rooms and that I could either have twin beds on the Executive Floor or a King bed on a lower floor with Executive Club Access. It was refreshing that they were this open about the options and I chose the twin beds, and I had not stayed in twin room before. Another agent was handling a very angry couple who thought that the hotel was within walking distance of the airport terminal – as it is at Terminal 4. It is very important to remember that this property is in the middle of an industrial estate if you are considering staying here.


The room was a standard room on the Executive Floor with, as promised two twin beds:
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The room was clean and smelt fresh. The beds were comfortable but small. Not really twins in my view, just two singles.

The view from the window was not very inspiring, but the room was quiet.

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A large, deep bath and seperate shower, wash basin and toilet all provided in a nice and bright bathroom.
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The view from the window by the lifts gives a good idea of the lobby, which stretches the full 5 floors:

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I popped in for a coffee before the evening service had started and found the lounge both manned, and still having some really nice cakes from the afternoon tea service. How nice that they operate this when the hotel could take the view that it’s just an overnight crowd:

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The view from the lounge was of the finely manicured grounds

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There was plenty of seating at the evening service when I visited later that evening:

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The hotel uses screens to break the large room in to seperate areas:

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In the evening there were hot and cold offerings as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

I slept well and got an early bus to the airport. The bus makes one stop on the way back to Terminal 5, at the Travelodge. On the way to the hotel most passengers were staying on to go to the Travelodge, but on the way back in the morning, no one boarded. The car park at the Travelodge is tiny and it requires all the skill of the bus driver to navigate his way out. At the exit we turned left and were at T5, around 10 minutes later.

Through security in 5 minutes (4.30am) and in to an empty terminal:

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Another nice stay and worth checking rates when looking to stay at Heathrow. However, remember to add £8 per person for the bus.



  1. Surely a twin room is just 2 x single beds as opposed to 1 x double bed (hence the room would be classed as a “double”).

    I am not sure “twin” is a bed type, Just a room type so am surprised you were expecting anything else!

  2. Stayed there last weekend and got an upgrade to Executive Level as well. Like the loudspeaker in the bathroom playing the sound of the the TV / Radio in the room. Evening buffet was okay – I like that at HHonors Diamond I could choose among breakfast in “The Gallery” Restaurant or in the lounge. Had it in the restaurant and it was good, not outstanding, but good.

    Definitively a nice Hilton, especially compared to the Sheraton Heathrow which were offering the same room rates for the weekend.

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