Marriott Status from United works!

17-07-2013 15-45-31United announced its new partnership with Marriott earlier in the week and the blogs were all a-twitter with the news.

Further details are here. Registration was done online.

Well despite registration saying it would take some time, I can confirm my Marriott Rewards account upgraded to Gold today, (from Silver), based on my United 1K membership. Thanks to both organisations for the option to do this. Will it be for one year, or more I wonder?

Key benefits from Marriott Gold are as follows:

17-07-2013 15-51-23

17-07-2013 15-51-51


  1. I also have been confirmed as Marriott Gold after having registered for the ReewardsPlus deal (and being United Lifetime Gold Premier).

  2. Impressive. They’ve made this easy to do and my status was updated within hours. This is a great new benefit.

  3. I received Premier Silver matched from Marriott Platinum also within 2 days after registering.

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