Don’t say you weren’t given notice – Heathrow Terminal 2 opens 4 Jun 2014

Heathrow Airport announced yesterday that they were one year away from opening the new Terminal Two, which is slated to be the home for Star Alliance airlines at the airport. They also announced that the move-in airline would be United, presumably with their ex-Continental flights to Newark and Houston relocating across the southerly runway from Terminal 4 to the brand spanking new T2. Also moving in will be Virgin’s Little Red, Aer Lingus and Germanwings.

Hoping to learn from the fiasco that was the opening of Terminal 5, United will hold sole residency for three weeks. Personally I’d wait a little a longer before I checked my bags in after the experience at T5. 28,000 bags became seperated from their owners when T5 opened.

The pictures of T2 look pretty good, as they often do:

a group of people in an airport


a large room with seating and stairs

I imagine everyone is hoping it doesn’t turn out to be another Berlin Brandenburg, which actually might open around the same time – about 2 years late.



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