Heathrow to offer 45 minutes of free wifi (from 1 June)….90 minutes if you join their (free) rewards scheme

(Probably the longest headline I have produced).

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Heathrow Airport has relaunched its frequent shopper programme as the unoriginal Heathrow Rewards. It’s free to join and they even give you 100 points for signing up.

Of the benefits offered, they mention:

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Now I cannot find their press release announcing 45 minutes of free Wi-Fi, but this is clearly a good bonus for a free membership, even if you never shop at the airport. I don’t have access to lounges when flying some airlines from Heathrow so 90 minutes will be a nice bonus. The Press Office at Heathrow said:

On 31 May 2013 Heathrow’s contract with Boingo ends. A better service for passengers, won by tender by our new business partner, Arqiva, goes live on 1 June.  Everyone gets 45 minutes free and Heathrow Rewards members get 90 minutes free in the terminals



  1. Wow… with the most expensive landing fees in the world you get 45 minutes if internet!

  2. Mighty generous of LHR! First they rip you off with huge fees, then they give you 45/90 minutes of wi-fi, then they rip you off again if you make the mistake of buying ANYTHING from their overpriced shops. No thank you – I’ll change planes elsewhere.

  3. @Paul – I don’t follow your blog but happy to leave the link. My article came from my membership of Heathrow Rewards and a conversation with the press office at Heathrow.

  4. Thanks for adding the link. Didn’t you get my email the May 28th where I said I’d posted this news and feel free to re-post? My source was the same – Heathrow Rewards.

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