Some good deals from UK …. for a few more days

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BA are currently doing the summer Business and First Class seat sale from London. Hidden amongst the prices are some gems, in my view. By ‘gems’ I mean reasonably priced flights that earn a decent number of BA Tier Points and Avios for their price. These include:

  • £1504 to JFK and Newark in Club World
  • £1599 to Orlando and Tampa
  • £1699 to Vancouver

Book by 4 June. (Saturday night stay required.)

BA Shareholders receive their 10% discount on the base fare.

You can obtain the BA London City Service – I have reviewed it here and here and flights seem to be available until January 2013 for booking.

However, if you want some additional Tier Points but don’t or cannot take the LCY flight, you can book on and as it offers the ability to book connections you can generate some fun routings:

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Just to confirm that United are matching these prices:

With some creativity you can score a reasonable EQM/GBP ratio – although the LH Business Class is not much to write home about – 14,023 for this routing.

a screenshot of a computer

Also available is a decent fare with United from Belfast to San Francisco: 18,876 EQM’S for £1,595:

a screenshot of a computer

So act fast, but if you need some EQM’s over the summer from the UK, there are decent ways to earn them for the moment.