A busy start to May….

Some months ago it was suggested that those bloggers who write under the Boarding Area group might like to meet to discuss items of common interest. Dates were canvassed and as luck would have it, the weekend suggested came at the end of a week I had planned to be in the US anyway. BACON as the event is now called, has mushroomed in to a three day event (I can only make two days) with a host of guest speakers, discussion groups etc. I cannot wait to meet some of my fellow bloggers, but as many of them met at Freddies during the past week, I am a little behind the curve.

So, not being one daunted by a ‘simple’ trip to Colorado Springs (BACON’s home for this year), I am going the long way round – 34,466 miles round! There are some goals – starting off my BA re-qualification year with cheap AA Instant Upgrade fares, getting in some Hyatt stays, a short trip to Vegas and then Colorado Springs. The trip looks like this:

a map of the world with red linesThe trip is a mixture of the old and new:

Old – i.e. I have been there before:

  • Lufthansa First Class – Frankfurt to Shanghai this time
  • United First Class – Shanghai to Los Angeles on this trip
  • Grand Hyatt Shanghai and the Hyatt House Miami
  • Hyatt Place Las Vegas

New –

  • The Hilton, Amsterdam Airport
  • Signing up for the Schipol Privium scheme
  • Lufthansa First Class Terminal
  • UA First Class Lounge, LAX
  • American Airlines domestic F with pre-booked entrees
  • Embassy Suites – San Juan, PR
  • The hotel we are all staying in at Colorado Springs
  • Alitalia – Miami to Rome, and Rome to London City
  • And what I hope will be the most exciting thing of all, which I can only write about once done!

Any hints or tips gratefully received!


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