Help me pick my route to Shanghai

I have to go to Shanghai in a couple of weeks and am currently sitting on a couple of options with Lufthansa. Which would you prefer?


a screenshot of a computerGood

  • 3 1/2 hours in the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt
  • Lufthansa First Class
  • The Asiana flight is actually a 747-Combi with business class sitting in their First Class suites
  • I have never flow Asiana


  • The LH plane is an A340
  • The journey time is 19 hours


a screenshot of a computerGood

  • 5 hours in the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt
  • Lufthansa First Class
  • LH aircraft is a 747 with the separate bed in First
  • Journey time is 17 hours


  • Early arrival in Shanghai means hotel will not be ready


So please help me decide by commenting below!


  1. Quit whining :).
    Let’s recap: you’ll have a bed on the 747 and you are worried about the hotel not being available on arrival? Really?
    Besides, don’t you have hotel status? Which means unless they are full to the gills the night before you’ll have a room.
    If not go see the city, afterall, you flew First and had a good night’s rest.
    The decision is really a nobrainer dude.

  2. #2: Speak nicely to the hotel – flash the Gold card and get an early check in. Heck by the time your clear customs, get your baggage and get in town it will be closer to 12.

  3. I’ve arrived at W=A Shanghai around 9AM or so (after ZRH-PVG) and they had a room for us as HHonors Gold, not sure what your hotel is.

    About the flights:
    1. Definitely 747, my favourite F cabin given the separate bed.
    2. ICN? Not so sure about that. I would try OZ for a real F experience when things relax in Korea.

  4. Option 2 because of the separate bed in the 747 and more time in the FCT. By the time you have cleared customs, picked up your luggage and gotten transportation into the city. It will be lunch time. Go to the hotel, see if your room is ready if not go have lunch. Buy the time you have finished lunch your room will be ready. Do you really want to sleep in the daytime. You won’t be able to sleep that night!

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