United processes my upgrade AND tells me about it!

I am booked from Shanghai to LA in early May and after spending a long time thinking I was going on a 787 Dreamliner, UA finally switched the aircraft to a 777-200. Disappointed, I then had to agonise about whether an upgrade to First was worthwhile. Having done some more waiting to see if upgrade space became available, I decided to go for it about a week ago and waitlist. Primarily because I want to sleep on the flight and to use the First Class lounge at LAX for my long connection to Newark. I hate waitlisting as United charge you for the upgrade when you join the waitlist. If you don’t clear they refund the fee (charged in US$) and miles, but of course your credit card company has already charged you and invaribly using a worst rate for the refund. Hence, even just waitlisting costs money!

Lo and behold, this morning they cleared me off the list and sent me an email.

Perhaps United IT systems are working at last!

a screenshot of a flight update