Earning Nectar Points – Watch videos

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Nectar have developed a new way to earn their points – watching ads online.

Nectar Adpoints as it is called offers a small number of points (Typically 2-6) by watching some ads (30 secs to 2 minutes long), and clicking some boxes at the bottom of the ad.

There is a sign-up bonus of 250 Nectar at the moment, which is worth  £2.50  £1.25 in grocery (or Expedia) vouchers.

The web site is here – make sure you sign up (you will need your Nectar number) before you watch the ads or they won’t count for points.

The ads run with a check-box randomly distributed which you are required to click within 5 seconds of it appearing. If you miss it, and if it’s a good advert that’s easy, you are taken back to the start of the video and no points are awarded.

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The adverts look like this:

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You must answer each question at the bottom and press its SUBMIT button. Clicking on the last box opens a new window to the web site of the advertiser.

About 20 minutes, including the bonus 250 points, earned me:

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