Grand Hyatt – Shanghai

Having stayed previously at this property I was interested to see what, if anything, had changed. I was flying in late and leaving in the afternoon of the next day so did not want to waste a suite upgrade and so accepted that I would receive an ordinary room. In fact, the hotel had upgraded me and gave me a room on the top floor of the hotel, 8504.
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The rooms are very nicely decorated with plenty of space to sit at the desk, and a large bathroom:
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Whilst the bath is the main feature but where there is also a separate shower. The closet cleverly opens to both the room side and the bathroom side.

My Diamond Gold Passport amenity was already in the room:
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When I woke up the next morning, after a great nights sleep, the views were very interesting from the room. A new tower was going up opposite the hotel:
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You could also see upwards to other parts of the tower:
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As the sun came up the Bund became clearer:
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Breakfast was three floors below in the Grand Club, and they offer and at seat service of eggs or omlette. I had the omlette and it was pretty good. In addition they had a wide range of juices, breads, cheese etc. The staff prepared coffee and tea and the atmosphere was quiet with most people reading papers or their iPads.

Check-out was accomplished in a moment, with a request for me to choose whether to be billed in Chinese or UK currency. A ride down in the two lifts and I was ready to face the subway and Maglev train back to the airport.


  1. […] On my one night stopover in Shanghai earlier in the month I returned to the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. Two reason really – I originally had a very early arrival and so knew they would let me sit in the lounge until a room was ready and it’s cheaper that the Park Hyatt but not as far as the Andaz. Hence another stay here. My last review is here. […]


  1. “with a request for me to choose whether to be billed in Chinese or UK currency”. Do you mean that on the credit card receipt, it asked you to choose RMB or GBP? Because if that’s the case, it’s most likely mean you got DCC’ed.

  2. DCC means Direct Currency Conversion, and it is rip off because they use rate that’s about 3% worse than if you’d let the credit card company do the conversion. And it’s still a foreign transaction.

  3. Is it worth the bother to change from Metro line 2, which goes all the way to the airport, over to the Maglev? I think it took under an hour from the GH to PVG staying on Metro line 2 (with the across the platform transfer where they switch from 8 to 4 car trains, though it seems ridership is growing and they ought to just run the 8 car trains all the way to PVG).

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