Arrivals by United – San Francisco

Stepping off my recent United Global First flight from Shanghai, I had about 3 hours to connect to Newark as US Immigration was so efficient and swift that Sunday morning. United offers it’s revenue Business Class, all First Class and its Global Services Members, access to its Arrival Lounges where these exists. In the old days they used to have them in several countries around the world, but now the choice is much more limited – San Francisco, Chicago (Although it appears the showers in the C United Club are now available to anyone with lounge access) and London.

These small lounges offer a light breakfast and a shower.

Located on the lower level in Terminal 3 at SFO, once you exit the International Terminal it is a short walk to the lounge.

On entry I was the first customer of the day and received a warm welcome. Knowing that Security at SFO can be a madhouse, I did not want to spend too long there.

After a short wait I was given the access to a shower – which had it’s own amenity kit – I suspect in case you had already re-checked your bags:

A nice shower later, I felt ready to face 5 hours to Newark and 2 more hours to Miami. A short trip in the lift and I was deposited by the Premium Security line at SFO. Showing my Global First boarding pass got me in the First/Global Services security line for the TSA. Unfortunately this brings you to the end of the regular Premium line and you are left to your own devices to push in front of other passengers. One gracious gentleman let me know, but it felt un-British to say the least.