Andaz, Shanghai

I am now one Andaz away from having visited the whole set, and despite a very long day travelling (Miami to Chicago, to San Francisco and Shanghai) I wanted to see if I could locate the hotel using public transport. On a previous visit I had used the Maglev train and was quite happy getting to the station from the arrivals area, running the gauntlet of ‘taxi’ drivers asking for fares. The Maglev deposits you at Longyang Road station which is served by the Lines 2 and 7. The Andaz is close to South Huangpi Road station on Line 1. This requires a change at People’s Square. The fare on the subway was 4 Yuan (about 40p or 60 US cents). A cab ride would like have been 75 Yuan (£7.50). Do not attempt the subway if you have a lot of luggage as many of the changes have stairs only. There is a long walk at People’s Square.

On exiting the South Huangpi Road station, take Exit 2, who brings you out near a department store. Turn right, walk one block along the side of the Store and the Andaz is diagonally opposite at the next corner:

The building is pretty distinctive – and there is a pedestrian bridge across the road just before you cross. Look for this if you get lost!

Inside, the foyer is spectacular, with a myriad of shapes, and finishes which enchants the eye.

A very quick check-in, and I was confirmed in to one of their XL rooms – the standard upgrade for a Diamond Member. The check-in escorted me to the lifts. A moving installation attracts the eye whilst waiting for the next car to come:

Once in my room, I realised that XL meant exactly that – the room was huge. To left was a large bathroom and to the right an enormous closet, whilst ahead was the bedroom, work area and table, all surrounded by a curving wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. The stunning view at night was eye opening.

Bathroom – you can adjust the colour of the LED’s in the tub and basins to suit:

The enormous walk through closet

Bedroom with TV at the end and chaise-long

View towards The Bund with the blue illuminated motorwarys (as featured in ‘Skyfall’)

Working and seating area:

The non-alcoholic free minibar, now a feature of Andaz’s worldwide

The blackout blinds and curtain closed on the press of a button, located next to the bed. In the ceiling of the bedroom was yet another LED display whose colour could be changed at the whim of a guest.

My Diamond Gold Passport amenity was waiting for me in the room:

I ordered room service, and the ‘Make your own Sandwich or Salad’ options were available even in Shanghai. I love this as I can create the meal I want. French Fries accompanied the sandwich I ordered:

The bathroom featured I hi-tech toilet which opened as you entered. This really threw me the first time, but I quickly grew happy with the its eagerness. Numerous washing options were available from the adjacent control panel:

The bath was deep and there was a window you could open to look out over the city.

After a good nights sleep – a little bit of street noise was audible – I woke to see the great daytime views on the first clear day I had experienced in Shanghai.

The light fitting above the desk was pretty impressive:

I went down to breakfast at around 8am as I was awake and actually hungry.

Breakfast is served on the Ground Floor in the Restaurant, and is divided in to two halves – the Chinese and Western versions. I felt like eating Western that day and was escorted to a table towards the side of the floor. The restaurant, in true Andaz style was an overload of surfaces, sounds, and smells – fascinating!


The was plenty of choice on the buffet and had I wanted more there would have been no problems filling up for the day.

I returned to the room, continued to use the free WiFi to work until it was time to move one of the other Hyatt properties in Shanghai – the Park Hyatt. More about this tomorrow.

A great stay in a super hotel where everyone wanted to help, and where the room really was a winner. Although the upgrade to the XL Room doubles the price often, I was delighted to receive it as an upgrade as a Diamond Member of Gold Passport.


  1. Nice tip on the luggage/people’s square. I got off there one summer with luggage heading to the le meridien. Luggage, stairs, 100 degrees, 100 humidity, not fun.

  2. Had the same upgrade on stay there in January. Nice report, brought back great memories. Loved the place!

  3. “A clear day in Shanghai” — you are a lucky man.

    What were the rates for this property?

    Thinking of doing a shanghai run if I can somehow avoid the visa fee. What did you do about that?

  4. I think a good way to get into the city from PVG if you are travelling alone (and either have luggage, are tired, or if it’s hot and humid) is to take the Maglev, and from there just take a cab. If I recall correctly, the cab ride from the Maglev terminus to People’s Square is under USD 10. It’s a little cheaper (again, if you are traveling solo) than taking a cab all the way from PVG, and I’ve found it to save some time as well.

  5. I don’t think you can avoid the visa fee unless you are transiting onward (not returning to country of origin)

    I found it pretty easy to take Shanghai Metro line 2 directly from the airport to People’s Square for the Royal Meridien (7 RMB) or 2 stops less (6 RMP) for the Grand Hyatt or Park Hyatt.

    On the whole the Pudong area, where the GH and PH are located, is pretty sterile, and I prefer the Puxi side, though the GH & PH are awesome properties and it is pretty cool to stay on the 83rd floor.

    Does the Andaz have any sort of lounge and evening snacks? All the other hotels do.

  6. I bought a two stay visa, but on my second visit was staying less than 72 hours and that all worked out fine at Immigration, although it threw United when I checked in, and at the gate.

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