Using BA Avios for Hotel Stays

I was hoping to continue my series of interesting things you can do with miles, but came unstuck when I go to BA and their Avios scheme. There are really only options for Flights, Flight Upgrades, hotels and cars on the agenda.

So I thought I would look to see what value might be obtained by using Avios rather than paying for a room during my stay in Shanghai next week.

Options on the Hyatt web site were:

a screenshot of a hotel room






















Each of the properties were available using Avios:

a screenshot of a website





a screenshot of a computer




a screenshot of a website





So, it looks like between 23.27 and 24.83 Avios per Yuan.





  1. Wow, I’ve never found point redemptions for hotels to be of value and these rates certainly underscore that. Take for instance the last “Avios and Cash” option for the Park Hyatt. Converting the DKK portion to CNY for comparison you get 4550 Avios + CNY 2316. For a CNY 1840 room! So essentially you are redeeming 4550 Avios for the right to pay more for your room.

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