Andaz Amsterdam: Part 4 – Room 221 – my ‘Internet’ Room

My Suite would not receive internet service when I awoke on Saturday. Efforts by the hotel could not fix the problem and the staff seemed to know that it was a problem with that part of the hotel. They offered a wired solution but I had not taken my ethernet adaptor for the MacBook Air. The hotel offered to go and buy one for me or to give me a room a few doors away that I could use for internet access. Whilst not ideal, I opted for the second choice

So room 221 became my Internet Room.

a room with a bed and a mirror

The Room

I also didn’t mind as this standard room gave me the chance to see another room.

My first impression was positive, it was fairly small in comparison to the suite but bight and airy. There was no bath, only a shower, but there was a much larger hanging closet.

a map of a building

Location of 221

a bathroom with a wallpaper

The same toilet design as 218

a white closet with a shelf and a white box

The large closet with plenty of hanging space

a shower with a shower head


a drawing of a glass object on a wall

Behind the bed mural

a bedroom with a bed and a desk

TV and Desk


The room had the same mini-bar and coffee machine as Room 218. The sink was located in the room, on a large pedestal which included the large mirror shown on the left below:

a bathroom sink with a mirror and a tray of soap


a view from a window of a building

Garden View

The view of the garden was attractive and the outside area looks as interesting as the inside area. I have not quite worked out what the other building opposite is, but it has the same window curtains as the Andaz so must be connected somehow.


The solution, whilst solving the problem, was far from ideal. I had to nip back and forth and at least once forgot my room key and had to go to Reception for a replacement. There was no offer of further compensation beyond the second room. The hotel did set up the second room so I could use the same internet login as for the main room. This didn’t really make a difference as my internet was free as a Diamond Gold Passport member.