United IT systems – at it again – check your balances….

Invalid request error occurred.I woke up this morning to find that United had deducted just over 8,000 status miles (PQM – Premier Qualifying Miles as United calls them), from my account.


Well, checking my statement online reveals that my recent LAX-LHR with Air New Zealand, in Business Class has been designated as no longer earning PQM. The outbound LHR-LAX still earned them, but for some reason UA thought it was OK to deduct the status miles without notification – although why am I surprised as United as behaved more and more strangely recently.

This is what the changed segment now reads:

a black and blue rectangle with white textWhat is should have read:

So the consequence for United?

Well I was about 7,000 miles short for the year to get to 125k for some extra upgrades. With this change I may be just over the 100k – so I won’t be booking a ticket to get to the 125k mark – there is no point spending several hundred dollars and then United refusing to honour the mistake they made.

United’s web site is clear about the earning.

Invalid request error occurred.



  1. Unfortunately this is just another example of United’s many IT issues since this trainwreck of a merger took place. Keep on them to make sure you get the credit you earned!

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