BA at Copenhagen

Just a couple of years ago BA used to operate their own BA lounge which was quite near to their departure gates. This closed some time ago and they now use the lounge of their handling agent. I assume this is connected to the fact that BA flights now arrive in the main non-Schengen area, rather than in the mini non-Schengen area. Annoyingly the SAS lounges are right by these gates whilst the handling agents lounge is a good 10 minute walk away.

The lounge, which is located above some of the shops looked really busy as I walked it – it serves as the main lounge for Priority Pass and some credit cards. However, when I checked in the agent at the desk directed me to a seperate section at the back. When I arrived I was the only person there – it was large, split level and very Scandinavian with a good view of the planes.

a view of an airport from a windowlong room with a long table and chairsa long hallway with a staircase and a window

There was a good selection of bread, rolls, cheese, meat, pate and drinks too.

a counter with food in containersa counter with food on itI left nice and early for the gate as the Immigration Official had warned me that there sometimes queues. As there were a Singapore 777 and a Thai 747 parked on the pier I could understand how this might happen. However, as I got close to the gate it was clear that the BA flight had only just arrived.

The gate they used is a walk down a long corridor,above the main airport. This is common at Schipol where they can use the same jet bridge for Schengen and non-Schengen flights. The oddity at CPH is that the same escalator is used to exit from the plane as to board it so we had to wait upstairs until the flight was nearly ready for boarding.

people sitting in a terminal

The long corridor

an empty airport waiting area

Looking down on the gate

a view of an airport from a window

BA plane at jet bridge

About 10 minutes before boarding we were called forward, had our passports checked and then went downstairs to wait until boarding. This allowed us to pick up newspapers and to have a seat whilst waiting. (There are not enough seats in the long corridor for all the passengers and many had to stand). Boarding was uneventful as was the flight back to London.