So imagine you’re 11 years old and you want to run away from home….

Where do you go?

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… based on the experience of one errant 11 year old yesterday.

It appears he mingles (as the BBC describe it) with other passengers and makes it on to a Jet2 plane – without a passport or indeed a ticket!

He was half way to Rome before anyone noticed anything.

Doesn’t that just comfort you about airline security!

The boy has apparently been returned to his family, but no word on how long he’s grounded for!

Full press story here.


  1. Unreal! In this day and age where security is, in my opinion a bit overboard and he gets thru not on security but the plane too?

  2. I’m gonna spare the details, but I did just that, and completed the trip without hassles. Alone. Though I was more like 14 at that time. But hey! 😉

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