Air France offers Platinum Flying Blue ‘La Premiere’ Services for 40,000 miles (or EUR300)

Air France wrote to it’s Platinum members yesterday with a special offer.

I guess ‘Special’ doesn’t translate all that well.

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  • Offer Applies to Air France Terminal 2 at CDG
  • Provides welcome, fast track and lounge access
  • Only available if you are in Business Class on a plane without First
  • Must book 24 hours in advance
  • Fee (which includes one other person) is 40,000 miles or EUR300
  • Person with you must be in Business Class also.

I don’t think so!

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  1. Service? Benefit. Agreed: I don’t think so. Perhaps they left out a few important words? Sadly, Air France has faded. In the day… mid-70s to mid-80s, AF was often a good contender for Best-of-Class in food and cabin service for t he long-haul flights. I flew AF often in those days, over the pond plus as some used to call it. In more current times, the forlks at AF end up near the bottom of the international rankings and with good reason; they have earned those low ratings. I don’t know what happened, but probably rested on their earlier achievements and rankings for a decade too long, while not making any improvements. Today, I avoid them like the plague and regardless of class/fare/price paid. With some fond memories of just how good it used to be, I guess I’m a bit sad. These days, at least for trans-Atlantic service, *some* US carrier do a better job. And from me, that is a mouthful.

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