Living in an Olympic City – LIAOC (part 1) – Thinking of coming?

I am starting an occasional series today, looking at how life in London is being impacted by the imminent arrival of the Olympics.

My Paralympics tickets came on Saturday, which set me off thinking about what happens if people still want to come to the big event:

Reward Flights

There do seem to be award seats for the Olympic week when I check, from all over the world. Some are Coach, but there do seem to be premium seats too:

United From New York

Flying Blue from Delhi

BA from Johannesburg


There are some hotels still for sale. Although the best value are for those between 30 and 60 minutes away from Central London by train:

Hilton Revenue Rooms

Hilton Award Rooms


Starwood at Heathrow - Paid and Award nights

Hyatt only has revenue space available

 Event Tickets

When I checked at the weekend there were no Athletic tickets available. But, plenty for Football, and even some for the Closing Ceremony – albeit at £1,500 each.

You can check on ticket availability here.

Prestige Ticketing is available for those with more money.

A sample of the hospitality packages available



  1. There are some events still available for those that live in the UK or “other participating European countries” through the official website. For those of us in the US pickings are insanely slim, but for those in your neck of the woods there are still tickets available.

    Club Carlson has several hotels with reward availability. I also saw some today at Andaz. You can tell I am trying super hard to find a way to go right now. 😉

  2. @mommypoints – sorry they are making it so hard for people to come. Seems our Prime Minister is going to claim a huge economic boost from the Games today. Not sure it’s real, but be interesting to know the reality!

  3. @MilesfromBlighty, no worries. The American site was kind for a few minutes and had many different tickets available. Seems to change very quickly. Looks like I will be heading East. 😉

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