BA member wanting to transfer BMI miles on 3 July – not if you have a Household Account it seems

A Flyertalk member of a Household Account has received an email which appears to indicate that BA are not going to allow transfer of BMI Diamond Club points to BA household accounts. I am greatly disappointed by this as I had hope to move my 200,000 bmi miles to BA on 3 July, when transfers start.

However, it does match the same rule with the former AirMiles balances where the now-Avios account is a Household Account:

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Removing people from your Household Account can be problematic too – if they are under 18 – their Avios balance is wiped out as under 18’s cannot be members of Executive Club. This is the message you receive when removing members of your Family Account:

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    I’m really suprised at the degree of totally unjustified alarm about this.

    The BMI accounts allow transferring but not pooling of family member accounts into the head account. BA is the reverse. They pool but do not freely transfer – except if the individual gifts and pays. This is why they have said this.

    What this rule is saying is that individual BMI accounts can transfer to individual BA accounts because the ids ie names etc must match. So at its simplest you can transfer all BMI family members miles to the head BMI account and then transfer that balance to the head BA account where it is then accessible by all BA family account members. What you can’t do is send all the individual BMI family accounts to the BA head account simply because the names must match. You can however – if you wish – send individual BMI balances to matching named individual BA accounts.

    I see no cause for any alarm.

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    Dear all

    uk1 has summarised this very well. We will try and make transfers as simple as possible and will be on hand for any questions

    Warm regards


  2. I am afraid that what BA thinks is ‘as simple as possible’ might not be what I think of as ‘simple’. BA hasn’t been very transparent in the whole process – changing matching period, removal of bmi upgrade certs at no notice. Let’s see I suppose!

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