Proof bloggers don’t always get special treatment – Hyatt 48 Lex, New York

In October of last year I wrote a glowing review of the Hyatt’s 48 Lex property. My views were enforced when I heard that they had adjusted the one thing I really didn’t like – the fixed breakfast for Diamond Members of Gold Passport. This lead me to use three free nights and pay for one night, on my recent stay in NY for BlogWorld 2012.

Imagine my disappointment when I was allocated a tiny room for my 4 nights. There was about enough room to walk around the bed, no easy chair and so to sit it had to either be in the chair by the desk, right in front of the TV or on the bed.

The hotels web site lists the smallest room as a Studio Queen – picture here. This is also the cheapest room on the web site. However, my room was even smaller than this, so I am unsure whether it is some sort of special redemption room they have introduced. In addition it was right next door to the laundry closet so there were staff coming and going at all hours.

In the hotels defense they were nearly sold out every night I was there, but I was pretty disappointed that this was the best they could provide for a Diamond and returning guest. The last night paid rate was an AARP rate of about $359, so not that cheap. The Diamond membership page of the web site says:

Enjoy the best room available upon arrival, excluding suites

Images of my room:

a bed with white sheets

a room with a bed and a desk

View from Window towards door

The bathroom was fine, and matched my other room pretty much.

a bathroom with a glass shower door

Shower and basin

New Breakfast arrangements

At check-in Diamond Gold Passport members are given vouchers worth $25 each for use in the Restaurant. The good thing is that these can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The bad thing is that they don’t really cover the cost of an entree, coffee, juice and tip. There are usually $3-$6 left over to be added to the bill. There is one offering which matches the $25 exactly, but that means you need to pay the tip.

Service Issues

Housekeeping seemed to be hap hazard. Some days my room was not cleaned until 4pm, other days there was no turndown services. Some days I got a bath mat, and other days I did not. Coupled with the noise of coming and going to the laundry closet, should make 1806 the least desirable room in the hotel.


Still a good location, and I like the breakfast change, but the tiny room and noise have put me off returning on my next visit to New York.

a man standing on a roof

View from room - The Intercontinental, complete with scarecrow



  1. If this is any consolation, I have been to a room smaller than this. Think a closet at the W Lex around the corner.

  2. No, it’s a free $25 voucher covering food, not services. One should always tip generously when using a voucher or any promotional offer.

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