Wondering why you had to queue at Heathrow – Last Year!

The Chief Inspector of the Borders Agency has finally published a report explaining why there were queues at Heathrow between August and November, at Terminal 3. Drum roll please…..


Well goodness me, I am so surprised. Not.

BBC report link


Inspectors said new team structures, rotas and shift patterns had come as border
staff numbers at Terminal 3 fell by 15% from 322 to 277 in the 12 months to last

“Resources were not matched to demand, management oversight and assurance was
lacking in many areas and staff were not always properly trained to undertake
their duties




  1. *falls flat in shock*

    Really? I mean really?

    They needed a public report for… hold it – government department.

    ‘Nuff said really. Still – it’ll give you something to read whilst stuck in the queue for immigration…

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