BA AND bmi Gold ? – watch out for the Status ‘Match’

Quite a few people I know are both BA Gold and bmi Gold. Most of them were hoping that BA would do a nice job for these people, after all they have value to both BA, and had value to bmi before the purchase.

Instead BA is going to Status Match, but then remove of their BA Tier Points. This could be really painful if you are close to voucher or award when you do the match. Even some people who may not fully understand the merger, but have status, could be caught out.

BA Wording:

Invalid request error occurred.


My BA year ends 8 May when I will have 2100 Tier Points on 1 May but by 8 May I will have earned 2500 Tier Points. I will be ready to have my next certificate added. However, if I status matched on 1 May, I would have 0 Tier points and a membership year which ends on 30 April 2013, instead of 8 May 2013, losing an upgrade certificate in the process. True I will have 400 Tier Points towards my new year, but that’s not much compensation.

Come on BA you can do better than this for your Double Golds – especially in an Olympic Year.

a close-up of a credit card



  1. status match is not mandatory and in your situation I would recommend not to do it – you have more than 1 year of Glod status already – what match with BD will add to it?

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