Groundlink deal on Jetsetter – not quite what it seems

There has been quite a lot of buzz in the last 24 hours on a deal with Groundlink via Jetsetter in the US. The headline deal was offering transfers from JFK to/from Manhattan (and other airports in NY, and across the US) for really good prices, such as $29 or $39. Clever people worked out that if you referred someone you could earn $25 in Jetsetter credits making the transfer pretty cheap.

I have used Jetsetter before and got OK deals with them, but as I need to travel in to and out of Manhattan on the way to the OneWorldMegaDo, I decided to be lazy and take up this offer.

So, it all worked well – paid for the voucher and got the three emails.

Well, that was until I came to book my car! Imagine my surprise when the advertised $39 transfer to/from JFK turned in to a $75 credit against the trip and this wasn’t enough to cover the transfer price quoted by the site. In fact I had to pay up an additional $26.15 to get my transfer. Added to the $39 already paid and you’re pretty close to the taxi fare to Manhattan I would have paid. I chose the absolutely most basic car as you can see.

I am going to contact Jetsetter later and see what they say, but for now – Buyer Be-aware

a screenshot of a computer

Confirmation including Extra payment needed

This is in the email received from Jetsetter:

a close up of a text

Jetsetter Email



  1. Hello-

    There was a mistake in the fine print of the deal for JFK/LGA and I apologize. The deal should be good for north of Houston St. in Manhattan. If anyone who bought it wants to use it below Houston St., please contact me and I’ll make sure your account is credited for the extra charges. melissa AT

    Thank you,

  2. I just made reservation from SFO to downtown, cost $69, my code made the total $0. I didn’t choose the cheapest car, but the luxury sedan, as I believe this is what the deal stated. You should definitely see what the deal is with them charging you extra.

  3. Just looking at your confirmation, it looks like you choose the mobile credit option. When looking into that deal, the cost from SFO was $95, which would have cost me an extra $20 on top of the $39 I paid. This is why I went with the straight $39 transfer deal. I think this might be why you got charged extra.

  4. @Melissa – that is a nice gesture. But the email I got from Seth at GroundLink tells me it was my mistake for inserting an incomplete address in to the booking. Weird as I cut and pasted the hotel web site address in. Anyway, I am posting the update from you and Seth in to a new post shortly. MilesFromBlighty

  5. @Melissa – I purchased the jetsetter offer when it was for sale yesterday, and got the 2 jetsetter emails but I haven’t received my GroundLink code yet. Should it be taking this long?

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