More News from BA – A new Tier, the end of low Status levels for Europe and more status for long flights

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BA Gold Card - soon to be an endangered species?

The next stage of what appears to be a wholesale re-organisation of the BA Executive Club scheme was announced yesterday.

Flyers are looking to see what it means for them, and the news is mixed.

There is good news for infrequent flyers – a Bronze Tier (3oo Tier Points + 2 BA flights or 25 flights). The best benefits here are the ability to choose a seat 7 days before the flight and check-in at Business Class desks.

There is also some good news for people who cross Tiers in a year. Before the changes (due 16 November) your Tier points were reset to zero when you crossed a level, giving you a further year to qualify for the next tier. Now Tier Points won’t be reset making it 300 to Bronze, 600 to Silver and 1500 to the coveted Gold.

The bad news for members in Europe is that their reduced levels of Tier Points required for status are to be abolished. This makes Gold for someone living in Europe 1500 Tier Points and not the 800 they have enjoyed until now. There are reports of a very generous 2-year ‘soft landing’ where the Euro members can continue to qualify for Gold at 800, until 2014.

What we don’t know is how much the promised increase in Tier Points for long haul flights will be. It’s in the new release, but no details are supplied.

Coming hard on the heels of the loss of lounge access for BA flyers flying on non-BA airlines, Gold Members are set to be an endangered species over the next year or so.

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