England to confirm start of PCR tests for arrivals and SimplyTestMe steps up

As Holland announces that 13 arrivals at Amsterdam, from South Africa have tested positive for the new variant, and other countries start to impose restrictions on visitors, the UK is trying to negotiate between the member nations on the start of the requirement for arrivals to get a PCR test before Day 2.

It looks likely that the new requirement will start for arrivals after 4am on Tuesday 30 November.

At the same time, a very popular home test Lateral Flow test provider, SimplyTestMe has stepped up for customers who have already ordered or received Lateral Flow tests. Basically they are offering refunds for unshipped test, less a small (50p) fee and the ability for people who have them already to return them, again for a small fee. They are also working. You can read the whole message by following the link above if you have not received an email.