Starwood had been losing reservations data since 2014

It appears, in the more detailed information now coming to light that:

  • Marriott first identified a problem on 8 September 2018
  • After investigation, it turned out that there had been unauthorised access to the Starwood database since 2014
  • On 19 November, Marriott decrypted the data and found that it was the Starwood reservations system records
  • Payment card numbers and payment card expiration dates were taken, but the payment card numbers were encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard encryption (AES-128). There are two components needed to decrypt the payment card numbers, and at this point, Marriott has not been able to rule out the possibility that both were taken.
  • Marriott is offering free WebWatcher enrollment
  • Marriott has created a call centre to handle questions – the numbers are here:
    • USA 877-273-9481
      Canada 877-273-9481
      UK 0-808-189-1065
      Australia 1-800-270-917
      Spain 900-905407
      France 0805-080216
      Germany 0800-180-1978
      Italy 800-728-023
      Russia 8-800-100-6925
      Japan 0120-901-011
      South Korea 080-822-1429
      Brazil 0-800-724-8312
      India 000-800-050-1531
      United Arab Emirates 8000-3201-34
      Mexico 01-800-099-0742
      China 400-120-0845
      China 400-120-0845
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