When a hotel thinks it’s a resort

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The Hyatt Manchester San Diego is a two tower, large hotel on the riverfront in San Diego. A short walk to the historic Gaslamp district, it’s usually full of conventions.

I am going back in March and made a couple of bookings. Oddly, the next day there was a charge from the hotel on my credit card.


So, it turns out that this hotel now thinks it’s a resort and is charging the full cost of the stay to your credit card at time of booking.

Deposit Policy
Deposit Required By January 8, 2018 Deposit By Credit Card Required 1 Night(S) Deposit Will Be Charged To Credit Card
Cancellation Policy
One Night Deposit At Bkng/Cancel 72hours Prior For Refund
Plus they have a 72 hour cancellation policy.
Be careful if you are booking here to check their policies.


  1. Were you booking in a convention/conference rate? Those terms are determined by negotiations between the coordinator and the sales department. A lot of time the group’s want a deposit taken to insure they aren’t penalized in the event all rooms aren’t booked. However, a lot of hotels charge a 1 night deposit and aren’t resorts. Where is there any written rule or policy that only resorts charge at the time of booking. That’s absurd. If you don’t agree to the terms and conditions of the property, simply don’t book there. Problem solved. I’m sure they have no issues filling their property without your reservation.

  2. Just greedy Papa Doug Manchester who owns the hotel. He is probably still paying off his big divorce settlement.

  3. Reason enough not to stay there. Mediocre hotel anyway (although, to be fair, San Diego is a weird hotel market).

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