Eurostar is changing its loyalty programmes

Eurostar is merging its two frequent traveller schemes in to one from late 2017.

Currently they have two schemes, one aimed at leisure travellers (Plus Points) which basically gives £20 gift vouchers for Eurostar after you spend £300. The Business scheme (Frequent Traveller) currently requires a single ticket spend of £250 to obtain membership, but has a wider range of gifts and rewards.

The new single scheme, ClubEurostar with have three levels. Everyone on the old leisure scheme is being transferred as an Orange or Classique member. This will give leisure travellers access to spend their points for upgrades, money off tickets or free tickets. Eurostar delay compensation can be taken in points too.

The next tier – Avantage – blue – requires a £400 spend in a single year or 5 return journeys. This tier gives the member the additional ability to spend their points with Eurostar partners or in the Eurostar shop.

The top tier – Carte Blanche – white – requires a £1,800 spend in a single year or 24 return journeys. This gives access to the Eurostar lounges (also available to Amex Platinum card holders), a dedicated Eurostar team for customer service, access to RailTeam lounges, and the ability to pre-book a taxi from the train.

Single journeys count as 1/2 of a return journey for qualification.

It is unclear who the partners mentioned will be – I wonder if Amex Membership Rewards will continue as a partner – but you can earn points with them too.

Free tickets have been simplified with two tiers of points needed, depending on demand at the time of booking. Return tickets will be:

Standard – 1,000/1,500 points

Standard Premier – 2,000/2,500 points

Business Premier – 3,000 points

(One way tickets are 1/2 the price). The higher point level applies when the number of tickets at the lower level are sold out and permits ‘last seat’ redemption which is pretty nice.

There will be a transition for those on the leisure scheme whereby their point balances will be converted to vouchers as follows:

Existing points e-voucher
70-149 points £5 or €5 e-voucher
150-229 points £10 or €10 e-voucher
230-279 points £15 or €15 e-voucher
280+ points £20 or €20 e-voucher

If you have less than 70 points you lose them.

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