UK follows with (smaller) electronics ban…Canada next?

The UK yesterday announced that it would follow the US ban on ‘large’ (i.e. anything bigger than a smartphone) electronics in airplane cabins. The UK restrictions apply to less countries than the US ban, but impact more airlines, especially with Turkey being a favourite destination for Brits wanting sun. The UK sees the threat as coming from:

  • Turkey,
  • Lebanon,
  • Jordan,
  • Egypt,
  • Tunisia and
  • Saudi Arabia.

Ironically a lot of the airlines who fly from these countries charge extra for checked baggage, and where passengers have purchased a ‘cabin baggage only’ fare they are now faced with forking out extra for a bag to go in the hold. for example charges £12 for an extra check-in bag. BA’s basic fare (which includes no hold luggage) from Istanbul is US$72. Add a checked-in bag and this jumps to US$97 – a $25 increase.

The maximum size of device allowed in the cabin is Length: 16.0cm, Width: 9.3cm, Depth: 1.5cm – so this may include some larger mobiles.

I am in Cairo in November and hope that normality has returned by then. Otherwise I may have to think of alternatives plans around my electronics and in-flight entertainment!