Nectar plans to offer transfer of airline miles – but the rate is ridiculous


I received information today that Nectar, the UK based shopping scheme is looking to launch a method by which you can convert other airline or hotel points to nectar points. They are calling it Nectar Travel.

You can pre-register your interest by filling in the form located here.

The deal appears to be that 15,000 points from the hotel or airline scheme will convert to 1,000 Nectar points – worth about £10.

The survey which is part of the way you register your interest doesn’t understand that there is no such thing as a OneWorld scheme – yet it asks if you would be interested in exchanging from it!

This is just nonsense.


  1. Quite, I spotted that too. To be honest I find Nectar to be a very boring scheme anyway. Vue and Pizza Express vouchers are the only things that I find of some value. A bit predictable really. So my points are sitting there until the next voucher exchange wave.

    Merry Christmas!

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