Schiphol to close D immigration to Christmas 2016

d-pier_2 Schipol

The immigration and baggage hall at the end of the D pier (marked with a red X above) at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has closed and will remain that way until Christmas 2016. This will force passengers coming in on BA’s services to Amsterdam to walk (around 10 minutes) to the E arrival area.

This makes the walk from the gates that BA normally use at the end of the D pier, a VERY long way from immigration.


  1. Hopefully “Christmas means Christmas” as I have a positioning flight to AMS on the 26th of December!

  2. It’s Schiphol Amsterdam Airport (not Schipol). Last couple of times I arrived from the U.K. D immigration was already closed (could be they did it in the evenings only, but now permanently till Christmas)

  3. Having to use the E arrival area does mean that once you’ve gone through customs, I think you’re closer to the train station and the Sheraton & Hilton hotels.

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